Dress your shoes up and provide support too! HeelHuggers Straps, were designed to be used as an aid, to protect your feet and ankles from over stretched vinyl platform shoes. Made with quality elastic and velcro, Heel Huggers easily attach to your shoes and wrap comfortably around your ankles. Various styles are available and come in two widths. All 100% handcrafted in the USA. For Dancers by dancers.

Ultra Soft Banded Heel Huggers offer Light to Medium support. Straps are made from a high quality, super soft measure 1.5″ wide elastic . These are great for small ankles or narrow feet.

Metallic and Ruffle Heel Huggers offer heavy support. Straps are made from a high quality, premium 1.75″ wide elastic.

One size fits most.

Sold in pairs.

Note: HeelHuggers Straps are not meant to replace proper strength & training.